Admission is charged for all contests in the stadium (except Track and Field) and gymnasium.

Regular Season Admission Fees

  • $5.00 – Adult
  • $3.00 – Student (12 years and older through high school with photo ID)
  • $1.00 – Child (7 to 11 years old)
  • No Charge – Children ages 6 and under
  • No Charge – Senior citizens with appropriate identification

Season Pass Prices (only applies to regular season contests)

The season or yearly discount only applies to regular season contests conducted at the site of the school offering the option or a season or yearly package.

  • Fall Season – Adults – $30, Students $18
  • Winter Season – Adults – $40, Students $24
  • Spring Season – Adults – $20, Students $12
  • Full Year (All 3 Seasons) – Adults – $70.00, Students $40

Faculty and staff member and seniors over 65 years of age are admitted free of charge to regular season MCPS contests upon presentation of appropriate identification and availability of space. This does not apply for tournaments, championships, events that are not contested on school property and regional and state events hosted on school property.

Playoff Contest Prices

Admission fees for Regional and State Events are determined by the Maryland Public Secondary School Athletic Association (MPSSAA). In general ticket prices for MPSSAA regional games is $6.00 and this price applies to all persons 7 years of age and older. Ticket prices for most state semifinal games is $8.00, depending on the venue, and the price for most state championships games is $10.00. Details about all prices and advance ordering for some contests is available on the MPSSAA page.

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