MCPS Sportsmanship Award

A primary focus of the Sherwood High School and MCPS interscholastic athletics program is the promotion and reinforcement of good sportsmanship among coaches, players and fans.  MCPS has a comprehensive Sportsmanship Award Program which includes an Evaluation Form that is completed by officials and game administrators for every varsity contest in which officials, referees, or umpires are used.

Based on the evaluation scores, individual teams earn sportsmanship points for the school.  Teams that win the Sportsmanship Award receive engraved plates that are affixed to plaques located in prominent areas of the school. Countywide school sportsmanship awards are presented annually to those schools whose teams have compiled the greatest number of sportsmanship awards. Cash prizes are awarded to the highest scoring schools.

Sportsmanship Award Recipients

Cross County

Coach Reeks & Coach Schneider


Coach Davis

Field Hockey

Coach Morse & Coach Velasquez

Girls’ Soccer

Coach Rosanova & Coach Vukovich

Team Handball

Coach Nichols

Girls’ Tennis

Coach Maley

2015-2016 Sportsmanship Recipients

2014-2015 Sportsmanship Recipients

2013-2014 Sportsmanship Recipients

2012-2013 Sportsmanship Recipients

2011-2012 Sportsmanship Recipients

2010-2011 Sportsmanship Recipients