Warriors News · SHS PTSA Parent/Guardian.Student-Athlete Alcohol and Drugs Symposium 10/20/15

The SHS PTSA in conjuction with the Warrior Club is extending an invite to all parent(s)/guardian(s) and student-athletes to attend the SHS PTSA Alcohol and Drugs Symposium on Tuesday, October 20 at 7:00pm in the SHS Media Center.

 Washington Adventist Hospital and community member ER nurse Sheila DeRiso will present a very powerful and impactful program highlighting the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving. Her presentation will explore the aftermath of a drunk driving accident and/or a situation where an air transport is needed in responding to critical injuries. Her stories and information will remain with you always.

 Lisa Lowe, Director of the Heroin Action Coalition of Maryland will discuss the fast growing use of heroin and the impact it has on students, families, and the community.

 SSL hours will be given to any student who attends and stays for the entire program.