Warriors News · Sherwood High School 2015 Hall of Fame

Sherwood High School will host the 2015 Hall of Fame Ceremony on Friday September 18, 2015 vs Magruder at 6:30 pm. All SHS 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees will be honored at halftime. Congratulations to the following SHS Hall of Fame Inductees.

Inductee Year Sport Category
Willard “Billy” Bond 1939 Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Track Athlete
Frank Bready 1950 Baseball, Football, Basketball Athlete
Steve White 1965 Basketball, Baseball Athlete
Paul Johnson 1965 Basketball, Baseball Athlete
Richard “Dickie” Hill 1965 Football, Track, Basketball Athlete
Tommy Davis 1966 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track Athlete
James Thomas 1968 Basketball Athlete
Dave Bratt 1969 Football, Baseball Athlete
Monica Merkel (Rogers) 1971 Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball Athlete
Jeffrey L. Smith 1972 Basketball, Track, Football Athlete
Carter Willson 1973 Football, Wrestling, Baseball Athlete
Gordon Butler 1978 Basketball Athlete
Andrea Burton 1980 Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Track, Softball Athlete
Tom Wheeler 1982 Wrestling, Football, Baseball Athlete
Ginny Hanlon 1985 Track Athlete
Mike Truby 1985 Wrestling Athlete
Tim Connor 1954-1984 Coach – Baseball Coach
Jack Burk 1954-1970 Coach – Football, Basketball Coach
Bob Stroup 1963-1991 Coach – Football Coach
Michael Hogue 1966-1991 Coach – Football, Softball, Wrestling Coach
Basil “Billy” Harrison 1969-1998 Coach – Baseball, Tennis, Football Coach
Mel Laughner 1970-2001 Coach – Basketball, Football, Baseball Coach
Kathy Marron 1978-1985 Coach – Field Hockey Coach
Gene Boteler 1969-Current Contributor Contributor
1972 Baseball Team 1972 1972 Baseball Team Team
1974 Girl’s Basketball Team 1974 1974 Girl’s Basketball Team Team
1979 Boy’s Basketball Team 1979 1979 Boy’s Basketball Team Team